7 MORE SEO keyword types you probably never tried – Part 2


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1. Model Numbers / Product Names


A client of mine had a unique problem: not only did they serve a private industry (government mostly) but their service area are limited to the state + surrounding areas. They are distributors of a several products not available to the public.

This is how I discovered users will search for product model numbers and names, not just a product keyword. For instance “iphone” has Google results of 326,000,000. But one of their model numbers “MA712” only has 6,380.

Example blog post titles:

  • iPhone MA712 Bend Test
  • Is the Tablet 134rT122 REALLY waterproof?

2. Names & Places of Offline Entities


As popular as the internet is today, not every individual, company or place has an existence online. You can take advantage of this by simply doing a bio, travel review, service review, etc and include relevant contact details.

This also opens the door to a potential advertising or development deal by using traffic to further promote awareness.

Example blog post titles:

  • We visited Red Rose, LLC in New York and fell in love
  • The best dog walking services in Atlanta, Georgia

3. Names & Places of Virtual Environments


Online gaming is a hot topic especially if you mention WoW or SecondLife. However, inside these virtual environments are loads of unsearchable data that you can review or provide more information about. Players obsessively search for secrets, tips or supplies to advance themselves virtually.

Example blog post titles:

  • Minecraft secrets and Easter Eggs you may have missed.
  • How to earn lots of money in SecondLife.

4. Unusual Causes, Events, Holidays, etc.


Rare social events make great headliners. It may take some digging around but who knew events such as Square Root Day actually exists or that Papa Johns has fundraising pizza cards?

Example blog post titles:

  • Ultimate Checklist for upcoming Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • Small town in Florida signs petition for Ice Cream Day

5. Software and Script Names


Love the software? Hate the software? Dissect and review it! The goldmine starts with what you already use on your computer. People often search for these reviews to help make a buying decision or who want help making the most of their investment.

Example blog post titles:

  • 8 Ways to create the ideal Workspace in Photoshop
  • We rate Outlook.com a 3 out of 5 stars. Here is why.

6. Errors


People who run into programming errors often search the exact error. This includes computer errors, software errors, script errors, etc. The best route is to start documenting the exact error and how you found the solution as they happen. Take pictures and video when possible.

Example blog post titles:

  • What to do if your computer freezes and you get the blue screen of death
  • Joomla Error: uncaught exception….Component returned failure code: 0x805e000a

7. Creative Solutions to Common Problems


Do you know an environmental friendly solution to unclog toilets? What about removing cat hair from a couch? Or perhaps you just want to have a little fun like this guy. The entertainment value is priceless. The sillier, more creative, more ridiculous you get, the better. This is an area that can quickly reach viral marketing.

Example blog post titles:

  • 15 Ways to wipe your bottom after your back goes out
  • How to scare children from knocking on your door this Halloween