Meet a Domainer: Andrew Rosener, Media Options Inc



Name: Andrew Rosener

Business: Media Options Inc
Current City: Panama City, Panama
Forum nickname(s): SeafoodMan / BambooMan

Best Development Project: – the city we live in – #1 site in Google
Best Domain Sale:
Hobbies: Spearfishing, Cooking, Eating, Formula 1 Racing & Travel

Connect with Andrew: Twitter

I did well, but most of all it was a life lesson and the best business school you could ever attend.

As many people probably know by now, I came from the seafood industry. Yes, I was a fish-monger. Basically, I traded frozen seafood all over the world. I specialized in Scallops from Chile, Peru, China, Japan, Canada. It was a great business, I did well, but most of all it was a life lesson and the best business school you could ever attend.

I started in the domain industry in the late 90’s just playing around and buying a few domains because I thought it was cool. I wish I knew then what I know now! But I did get a few good domains which I resulted in selling for a handsome profit. I later realized I could do this as a business and better yet, it could be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. is born.

MediaOptions is first and foremost a domain brokerage company. We have marketed and sold some of the biggest domain salesĀ  including:,,,,,, – to name a few. However, we also own a medium size portfolio of domain names which we both park, develop & sell.

The best aspect to this business is the number of young entrepreneurs who are just coming in with fresh ideas, fresh energy and the ability to develop tools and resources to bring the industry to the next level.

What I love to see right now is that even though many “main street” businesses still don’t “get it” as we like to say, the guys (and gals) in the domain industry are starting to develop and compete head to head with those main street businesses on the internet using powerful, generic domain names. If that doesn’t slap Big Business in the head and say “Wake Up!” – then nothing will.

There are still many people and organizations in this industry who are running around cowboy style and not acting professional or conducting business in a profession manner – a manner which would be standard and accepted in any other industry (even among fishmongers). At the same time, I have met some of the best businessmen I’ve ever encountered in this business.

Talk about a time when you had to overcome major obstacles.

I have to overcome major obstacles every day. Seriously, not a single day is easy. We are a very small company, with a very low overhead and I want to keep it that way. But that means working extra hard to do the amount of business that we do.

Who are your role models in the domain industry? Who are your role models in life?

I can’t say that I have one singular role model, as I have basically taken lots of advice, ideas and strategies from everyone I’ve talked to along the way to formulate my business and strategy. There are a few people in the industry who especially respect and look up to, but I prefer not single them out.

What monetization methods do you focus on the most?

Sales, that is our biggest revenue maker. However, from our own portfolio, we are focusing more and more at development in several verticals.

Where do you believe the domain industry will be in one year?

One year from now, I think that we’ll be looking back and wishing we had been bought more premium domain names than we had. Not only are we brokering a lot of domains right now, but we have been buying fairly aggressively when we see good deals come along (of which there have been plenty recently).

What advice would you give newcomers?

Read, listen, watch the auctions, watch the domains which are selling and what they are selling for. Compile all that data, analyze it, then throw it away and go with your gut feeling.

No automatic tool will ever be able to tell you what a domain name is worth. Each one is unique and needs to be looked at independently. It is the guys who are particularly good at picking out the diamonds in the rough which have made the most money in this business.

Don’t spread yourself thin. Focus on quality and work your way up in domain quality and value. You are much better to buy one $500 – $1,000 domain every month, than 50 hand registrations. Plus it requires much less time wasted on administration.

There is a sharp learning curve in this business and it can be expensive if you don’t pay attention. Try not to follow trends, the domains with the greatest value are the domains which have always had and will always have value for eCommerce, lead generation, opinion – basically a clear purpose.