Google Domains offers unique way to sell domains to customers


Google Domains releases a platform called Google Domains Partners that allows developers to use widgets that sell domains to site visitors.


Visitors can turn into customers through the widget which handles the technical and financial aspects. All the web developer needs to do is embed the JavaScript widget. Google also provides chat, phone and email support.

After the sale, Google configures the domain for use with the site owners service and allows custom, automatic configuration with A, CNAME, MX values and more.

I like the concept in general but I cannot imagine how useful this would be for a small freelancer or domainer besides providing services in combination with web design, hosting and possibly domain parking.

I see no mention of an affiliate program or if one could earn commissions from each sale.

This seems to be more tailored for medium to large companies without having to spend thousands on registration and infrastructure to become a domain registrar.

Here is the developer documentation if interested in all the gritty details.