John Berard, founder of .sucks, reflects on the past year with .sucks


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With the 1 year birthday of .sucks just passed, John Berard, Founder of Vox Populi Registry that runs .sucks, wrote an article on reflecting on the past year.

In it, he writes:

A successful gTLD either meets a market need or creates an opportunity – Be clear about who you serve and use their vocabulary (not domain name industry jargon) to tell them about it. Engage in marketing.

I think this also applies to selling domains in general. Get on the buyer’s level. Steer away from domain industry jargon. Know who you are selling to and what makes them tick. Show them the numbers and the proof to turn the purchase into a “no brainer”.

John then goes on to talk about lessons from the past year including letting customers speak for you and warns not to get too carried away in the day to day life of domain sales:

Most overnight success is years in the making. Most. It is best not to get too high or too low in the face of daily sales. Focus on building long term value. Make that part of the story, too.

.sucks certainly has its share of criticism in the past from domainers and mainstream media, some with valid arguments.

This extension seems to face an uphill battle. Businesses are afraid of it and anything registered with it has a negative undertone:

You instantly know just by looking at the domain what it’s about and that it is going to…well suck. But maybe that’s a good thing?

I have no idea if the .suck extension will be successful or not. It’s too early to tell. However, extension success doesn’t depend on whether domainers decide to invest in it or not but if consumers will accept and adapt to the extension.

Right now it seems that things kinda suck.