What is the difference between traffic and targeted traffic?


Some believe that any website traffic is good traffic. They write scatterbrained content. They purchase website visitors. They aimlessly advertise their websites and wonder why they receive so many clicks yet no sign ups or conversions or revenue.

To make any website successful it must produce not just traffic but targeted traffic.

This is like a bad fisherman, maybe one hired to fish for Blue Crabs and decides to cast a wide net into the ocean. Let’s call him Fisherman Bob.

Eventually, Fisherman Bob does acquire blue crabs but not without expelling much more energy and money than it would require his much more competent competition.

Additionally, his crew sorts through a lot of other sea life that is not blue crab: sharks, fish, seaweed and red crabs. After his crew spends a few hours sorting, they have to throw a good amount of blue crab back into the ocean because there was an oversight and they lack the proper type of storage.

In the end, Fisherman Bob only makes about 30{b8b289f6100aae74d7d1d52719cf8bd1f60dccaf917c1225dc83f2b672071982} total revenue of the year versus his competition and blames it on a bad year, bad fishing spot, bad hired help, lack of proper equipment etc, etc when in reality it was his lack of knowledge about how to target these specific Blue Crabs and how to keep other sea life from being caught in his net.

This is why building targeted traffic is like fishing: cast your net far, wide and untargeted and that’s exactly what you are going to get back.

However, take the time to study who you are targeting, where your audience hangs out, what your audience is looking for, what’s the best way to reel them in (*geek snort* see what I did?) and you will be more successful.

Also important is to make room for targeted visitors once they reach your page. Focus on the end result. What do you want to happen: sales, revenue, click  throughs, newsletter signups, membership signups, leads, buyout of your website or domain, etc, etc? What is it that you want to happen once you have targeted traffic?

In order to achieve those goals you must go through 3 simple steps we are going to nickname it KAP:

1) Know your audience.
2) Attract your audience.
3) Provide a way to [ convert, capture, monetize, sign up, etc] your audience.

That is the key difference between traffic versus targeted traffic. Or in other words:  having a set of useless numbers to brag about versus maximizing on the possibles.