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About .live

.live is managed by Rightside Registry who maintains a portfolio of TLDs such as .actor, .reviews, .video and more and brands such as eNom, Name.com and NameJet.

Interesting .live Facts

  • Microsoft & Google was once a .live applicant. [c] “.live ICANNWiki” at ICANNWiki – July 13th 2015 [/c]
  • There are over 341 registrars that offer .live. [c].live | Top-Level Domain Breakdown”, ntldstats.com – July 15th, 2016[/c]
  • Faces steady registration numbers since last year with Name.com capturing over 40{b8b289f6100aae74d7d1d52719cf8bd1f60dccaf917c1225dc83f2b672071982} of registrations. [c].live | Top-Level Domain Breakdown”, ntldstats.com – July 15th, 2016[/c]


What the Registry has to Say

“We’ve been feeling that same wave in the registration numbers for .LIVE domains. Just two months ago, we wrote that .LIVE had cracked the top 60 list for new TLDs after just half a year of availability. Today, the extension has reached #44, and is still climbing. And the people taking advantage of .LIVE aren’t just limited to niche interests, either. Everyone from music groups (TheJacksons.live), media networks (RokerMedia.live), gamers (Incon.live), marketing events (Integrated.live), and stunt riders (NitroCircus.live). In fact, tomorrow night (July 16th, 2016) at 8pm PT, Nitro Circus will be live on NBC and streaming around the world at NitroWorldGames.live. (8.4 million likes on Facebook).” [c]Matt Overman, VP & GM, Aftermarket and Premium Domains[/c]


  • Extension is good with the right keywords. Think in terms of entertainment and broadcasting, current events, big and small that can be live.
  • Users can instantly see what the website is about by looking at the extension.


  • Some premium keywords are pricey.
  • Some keywords don’t make sense with this extension and should be avoided.

List of Accredited Registrars

  • The official list is available to Rightside.co on this page. Scroll down to the bottom to the “Accredited Registrars” section. Choose .live and the list will expand.

Real Use Examples

  • NTS.live – live radio streaming
  • Cameleon.live – Live streaming software
  • NitroCircus.live – Stunt show featuring their tour dates
  • name.live – Redirects to Name.com’s periscope page

.live Domain Sales

  • casino.live sold for $5,000 [c]dnpric.es[/c]
  • ableton.live sold for $101 euros [c]dnpric.es[/c]

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