Meet a Domainer: Mike Mann,


Mike Mann runs several ventures such as,,, and On forums he is known as “”. To many domainers, he is known as the “Mann” who sold for 13 million. To put it bluntly, his domains are awesome and he’s got tons of press to back it up.

TheDomains has written about him selling $76,000 in domains that cost him less than $750 and he even impressed Cnet by registered over 14,000 domains in 24 hours.

People either love Mike or dislike him but either way you have to admit he simply knows how to buy and sell domains.

Without further ado, meet Mike Mann:

What are your hobbies outside of domaining?

Jetski, babies, drums, french fries.

How did you start in the domain industry?

Sold a name I owned,, and was hooked on the margins……

What are some domains in your portfolio and can you talk about the story behind why and how you obtained them?

Bought most on auctions or from friends over the years, mostly below FMV in my opinion:,,,,,,,……

What was your career or job before entering into the domain industry?

I owned an ISP service in DC, Internet Interstate, which became a web dev and hosting service too when that was invented, and before that a delivery service in DC.

What made you realize domaining is for you?

I’m fond of money and I figured out how to make extraordinary margins.

What do you feel is the best aspect about the domain industry?

The profits

What do you feel is the worst aspect about the domain industry?

The losses and some jackasses

Who are your role models in the domain industry?

Schilling, Ham, Yi, Berkens, and many others….

Who are your role models in life?

Dave Grohl, Warren Buffett, Dalai Lama, Cheri Huber, Rabbi Joshua Haberman

What monetization or selling methods do you focus on the most and why?

Direct and partnership selling of domains, digital marketing services, VOIP and telecommunications apps; mostly leveraging SEO, PPC, referrals, and incentive programs…

Where do you believe the domain industry will be in one year?

Flight to two word .Coms, lots of perfect contextual inventory and way undervalued, the only untapped investment area, and with new gTLD domain extensions failing in spades too.

What advice would you give newcomers?

Watch your wallet. Cash talks, BS walks. Buy low, sell high. Read or listen to free book or hard copy from Amazon. Work long hours.