New Domain Sales Platform Robocalls End Users


There are many domain portfolio scripts that allow you to sell domains without paying  3rd party commissions but many miss the end user aspect of upsell and marketing.

Not anymore.

Vabera Tech just launched a new domain sales program called VexNag that automatically robocalls target end users pitching a thirty second prerecorded message saving valuable time when pitching to end users.

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“We’ve been testing VexNag for the past twelve months and come to find the end user response rate for robocalls is significantly higher compared to email.” Frank Schilling of Uniregistry said. “Sales have increased 33{b8b289f6100aae74d7d1d52719cf8bd1f60dccaf917c1225dc83f2b672071982} versus traditional email. This is a technology we are seriously considering adding to our domain parking platform and making available for our customers.”

Here’s how it works:

  • Install the VexNag script on any Linux or Windows server.
  • Add your domains. Bulk upload available.
  • VexNag will search several APIs including Google Adsense, Facebook ads, Twitter, several domain marketplaces and more to compile a list of possible end users related to your domain.
  • Record a 30 second greeting explaining why the target end user should buy your domain.
  • Choose what intervals you would like calls to be placed. Most popular options are 500 people per day or 50,000 spread evenly over the course of a month.
  • Click “Save” and that’s it! VexNag will begin making your calls within 24 hours.

Despite its success with domainers such as Frank Schilling, others seem to be less enthusiastic about the technology.

“There are many features that could make VexNag the go-to product for end user sales for a long time to come,” says Bruce Marler. “My concern is the possible legal impact this could have on domainers who use it. It needs to follow the Do No Call registry which currently VexNag does not.”

To get around the Do Not Call law VexNag requires domainers to sign a user agreement which states that the technology will only be used to wish individuals a Happy Birthday.

“I will be the first individual receiving an automatic call tomorrow during the official product launch party.” Web Developer, Tia Wood states. “Usually no one believes it’s my birthday because it falls on April Fools every year but this year I have an automatic dialer not only giving me a birthday greeting but trying to sell me I am excited.”

VexNag will officially go on sale tomorrow at 9am during the official product launch party for $2,500. After tomorrow the sales price will be reduced to $0 because of April Fools. Happy Aprils Fools!