Not even sex can sell these domain extentions


I don’t buy many domains in other extensions beside .com but when I do it needs to follow three basic rules:

  1. The keyword(s) is something people will want to buy.
  2. The keyword(s) has some type of commercial value.
  3. The keyword(s) make sense with the extension it’s paired with.

The other day I purchased two .live domains: and which I feel makes sense to the right person so I feel they were worth the risk.

While looking through other types of extensions I come across available domains that absolutely made no sense in keyword + extension and registrar price.

Some examples are:

  • – $1000 to register & renew
  • – $1000 to register & renew
  • – $1000 to register & renew


And even a few registered names:


To highlight how ridiculous this is, let’s replace sex with potato:

  • – $111.25 to register & renew
  • – registered
  • – $109.99 to register & renew
  • – $3,125 to register & renew
  • – registered

We can argue all day about what uses people would get out of these but the point of domain investing is to put your money where you are most likely to actually get a return.

What is the likelihood of someone inventing a credit card that has to do with sex or someone loaning out potatoes? If your research says “maybe sometime in the future” then ask yourself if it’s worth $1,000 to gamble with that chance. These are the questions you should be asking yourself when purchasing any domain name.

If you are going to invest in any extension make sure it makes sense and is a keyword people will want to buy before plopping down $1k just because it’s a highly sought after keyword but that is only true if paired with the right extension.

If you have any examples of ridiculous keyword + extension pairing that someone has actually registered or better yet, developed, leave a comment below. I’d love to see them.