WIPO rules 22 Prada domains were registered in bad faith


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22 domains are being transferred to Prada due to a recent WIPO decision that all domains were registered in bad faith. Additionally, the domains were being used to sell counterfeit Prada items.

Among the respondents are: xie xiaomei of Arizona, United States of America (“United States”) / zhang yuanyuan of Georgia, United States / zhou honghai, zhouhonghai, Zhou Hong Hai, Honghai Zhou of Shandong, China / deng wen of Iowa, United States / xie peiyuan of Connecticut, United States / Jianghong Wang of Beijing, China / xie caida of Guam, United States / liu min of Shanghai, China / du linmei of Colorado, United States.

Examples of the disputed domain names include miumiu-shoes.com, prada-ok.com, prada-2016.com and miumiu2013.org, all registered with GoDaddy.

Prada submitted the complaint on April 21, 2016 based on their trademarks registered back in 1978, 1999 and 1997.

The domains were registered between 2011 and 2015. Each was resolving to either fake Prada items or MIU MIU products.

The decision document goes on to explain:

The fact that they include non-distinctive elements such as hyphens, numbers, generic terms does not affect the confusing similarity.

Not surprisingly, none of the respondents above either chose to respond to the claim and/or provided proper evidence of right to use these domains.

In conclusion, the panel ruled that not only were the domains in bad faith but they were being used in bad faith:

The Panel finds that the disputed domain names were all registered in bad faith and are being used in bad faith. The Respondents clearly knew of the Complainant when they registered the disputed domain names – they use the disputed domain names to sell apparently counterfeit products of the Complainant.

Read the entire ruling here.